Treceavo Plano | Ten Plus Three

Founded by Gonzalo Bueno, Mauricio Lobeira and Victoria Rubíes, the firm offers informed and inspired interior design and architectural services worldwide. Recognized on fine design publications of interiors around the world, the firm and the principals enjoy a reputation for elegance and sound business practices for their residential and commercial clients.

Gonzalo Bueno, Mauricio Lobeira and Victoria Rubíes
Founding Partners


Through our time-honored approach to the design process, we are so pleased to call most of our clients lifelong friends as well. With Treceavo Plano and Ten Plus Three, we will ensure that the road to achieving your design dreams will always be as enjoyable as the result.

Gonzalo Bueno

Partner / Co-Principal Designer

Mauricio Lobeira

Partner / Co-Principal Designer

Victoria Rubíes

Partner / Co-Principal Designer