August 01, 2014

Beach Music
For Gonzalo Bueno’s Ten Plus Three, Designing Homes with ocean views is a part of the territory.

In everything they design, Gonzalo Beuno and partner Mauricio Lobeira combine dissimilar elements to stunning effect. A petrified-wood side table from Big Mango may sit next to a modern Cassina sectional from the always-urbane Scott+Cooner showroom. Or a custom barnacle bowl by Urban Flowers might just sit underneath a square acrylic box designed by Ten Plus Three to be used as side table. “We just feel the eye really enjoys the right mix of materials,” say Bueno of his design firm, Ten Plus Three.

Their design aesthetic has  modern sensibility coalescing with traditional elegance, while the importance of functionality still takes precedence. “We love modern but always appreciate the traditional elements that bring character to spaces,” Bueno remarks.
We caught up with Gonzalo at a residential condominium with a spectacular art collection along Turtle Creek in Dallas and learned they work with many art collectors. “It’s great to work with clients that have a sensibility for art; it definitely takes our projects to a higher and more interesting level,” Bueno says.

The handsome designer says he attends the Dallas Art Fair and Art Basel Miami every year. “We always make are purchases for our clients. We visit many art fairs every year and enjoy the art world. It’s part of finishing up a space we design.” Standing in front of a Damien Hirst in his client’s collection, he adds, “Without good art, it’s like dressing up with no shoes.”

Ten Plus Three has numerous design projects in Mexico where their second firm Traceavo Plano is located in Nuevo Leon. Gonzalo appeared pretty sun-kissed in our Dallas photo shoot and with good reason. The beach homes on these pages are located in Cancun and Miami Beach. Many of their clients have primary residence along with multiple vacation homes in beach towns like these that quite literally hand over every project regardless of size.

“it’s hard to summarize our work relationship with Mauricio and Gonzalo in a few words; we just trust them eternally and we know they can turn any space into something beautiful. An empty shell can become the most enjoyable place for our family,” client Cristina Rivero Zambrano enthuses.

So for Beuno and Lobeira, beaches are just a day at the office.

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