Modern Luxury Interiors Texas

April 11, 2013

The Luxe Life

Dallas designer Gonzalo Bueno riffs on the basics of elegant rooms.

When sophisticated clients in Texas and Mexico want an ultra luxurious environment with a little Latin sizzle, they call on  Gonzalo Bueno. The Dallas-Based designer and his Monterey-Based team of architects and designer at Ten + 3 are all about fine craftsmanship and a sophisticated mix of fine materials, art and bespoke details. Bueno, who founded the Dallas office in 2004, produces both residential and commercial interiors and architecture, but he company was first established in Mexico in 1994. “One the most memorable houses was one we executed on top of the most amazing mountain in Mexico, “The ceilings were from an Italian villa in Tuscany. The hardwood floors were from a villa. Their art collection included Picasso, Rothko, Frida Kahlo and Miro. All rugs were custom-made in silk and wool, and inspired by Italian old world patterns.” Sometimes elegance is intangible. “ The most luxurious room I worked on was in a home on the Pacific Coast with seeping views of the sea. You know that feeling you get when walking along the shoreline listening to the waves? this room achieved that feeling… but perpetually! It refreshed the body and soul by just walking into it.”

Everyday Elegnace
I learned an important lesson from a client one time when we were shopping for his new penthouse after a divorce. While we were buying Salviati Glassware I said, “This would be great for quests when you entertain,’ to which he wisely responded, “Well yes, but also for me everyday.” And I think that’s a brilliant way to look at things. It’s a wonderful testament to the joys of living in the moment Also, a great Bulthaup kitchen is a wonderful luxury, but also one you can use everyday. It gives you the best of German technology, and each day during use it remind the owner how much they enjoy it.

Luxe Lighting
You can have elegantly simple and stunning floors and amazing fabrics on your sofas, but it must all always come together with the proper celebration of light. Inspired lighting is not only highly functional, it also illuminates everything you see and tough and feel. If Picasso were to return and walk in that door right this minute, he would no doubt immediately start obsessing with your about the lighting! And great artist would, and rightly so!

Guiding Rules
Anything over-the-top, nouveau riche, excessive or copied from a magazine will always be bad ideas. Let your creativity be your guide. You don’t have to buy the most expensive pieces for a room to be inspired. Our clients are highly intelligent, and they know we are sound custodians of their resources. SO they know that if we believe a piece is fabulous, then we’ve thoroughly thought it through, and mean what we say. For example, we love adding gorgeous object with a vintage touch, and we love personal things that have meaning. These can come together brilliantly. And all new is almost never inspired as an end result. And something never inspired as an end result. And something never has to be the most expensive to be perfect for a space.

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